Different Types of Diamond Settings

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Diamond rings settings are sold in a variety of different metals and styles to accommodate different cuts, sizes and numbers or diamonds. Jewellers suggest purchasing the diamond first, then selecting a style that accommodates both the diamond and the taste of the wearer. Typically, settings consist of the head, which holds the main diamond, and the shank, the metal band that goes around the finger. There are several types of jewelry settings you can choose from, when you decide to purchase or make your engagement ring.

1. Solitaire setting is the traditional setting. It showcases a single diamond mounted in a prong setting, a simple band of metal with a tiny claw of thin metal prongs. Depending on its size and shape, the diamond might be cradled in three, four, six or even 12 prongs. The diamond appears to float, with no metal support below the gem. 


2. Side stones. For a three stone diamond ring, a larger central diamond may be secured in prong, bezel, bar or some other setting. When all the three stones are bar-set, the metal appears as lines between the gems. Side stones of three stone rings might be in any shape, cut or gem, but they are usually smaller than and secondary to the central diamond.


3. Multiple stones. This setting is very common for anniversary bands, since the channel setting looks like a narrow metal trench filled with one single row of diamonds. In a cluster setting, several diamonds are bunched together similar to a stylised flower or similar arrangement.


4. Tension is a new type of setting used for engagement rings where springing, metal’s physical characteristic, is used to hold faceted stones in place. The gems must have a hardness of nine or up. The diamond is set in small grooves which are cut at the ends of the ring shank.


5. Bar Setting. This is a type of channel setting, using bars instead of channels to hold the diamonds. Imagine five diamonds and between them you put a bar of gold. Basically, there are two diamonds held together by the same bar. The ladder of sorts used to hold the diamonds creates a different effect than the channels of metal used with the channel setting.


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Jewelry Settings Are Very Important

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Many people believe that, when it comes to jewelry, the most important parts to consider are the materials and the precious stones. However, the jewelry settings are just as valuable and maybe even a bit more. The main reason for this statement lies in the fact that the jewelry settings are the ones that dictate the entire look of the pieces. As a result, the actual beauty of the jewelry lies in the jewelry settings, in the way all the elements are combined, rather than just in the fact that it is made from a certain material or has a special type of precious stone mounted in it. When selecting the jewelry you will want to buy for you or for someone you love, be sure to pay extra attention to the jewelry settings of the pieces you are considering.

The jewelry settings are the ones that can create an amazing jewelry. It is important for the jewelers to create perfect jewelry settings, due to the fact that these can easily be broken and therefore should be set in high quality of resistant materials. These are also the key aspects of designing spectacular items, through which the pieces will be sold immediately or not. The jewelry settings can be of various kinds. From the simpler designs to the more complex ones, this is a job for someone with high training in the usage of precious materials and stones, as well as in the usage of the professional tools for the domain.

People do not always realize the fact that the first thing they notice about a piece of jewelry is the setting. The main reason for this is that they then focus on the quality of the materials and of the precious stones. However, the jewelry settings are the first ones that catch the attention and the eye of the prospective shopper. Therefore, these must be created in the most professional way, in order to be attractive for customers. The main body of the jewelry will set the tone of the entire piece with shapes, sizes and particular designs.

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What Factors Play a Role in Jewelry Settings?

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If you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry, one of the considerations you will have to take into account is the jewelry’s setting. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift for someone close to you, the setting of a piece of jewelry has a big impact on how it looks. Because there are multiple settings available, you will be able to find one that you love or you know the person you’re giving the piece of jewelry to will love. However, having so many options can also make it more difficult to narrow down your list of options.

If the task of finding the right jewelry setting has you a little overwhelmed, you’ll be happy to know that this decision is easier to make when you understand the factors that play a role in the setting of a piece of jewelry. The first factor that determines the setting is the number of prongs that a piece of jewelry has on it. Most pieces of jewelry have four or five prongs. However, there are certain pieces that have six separate prongs. Another factor you will need to think about is what you want the prongs on the piece of jewelry to be made from. For many pieces of jewelry, the prongs are made from the same metal as the rest of the ring. For example, you’ll see many gold rings that also have gold prongs. However, this isn’t a rule that always has to be followed. In some cases, a piece of jewelry can look really good when its prongs are made from a different metal than the piece of jewelry itself.

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Wholesale Jewelry Settings

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If you make your own jewelry for fun or profit and frequently decorate your pieces with gemstones, cameos, coins or beads, you will need a steady supply of jewelry settings. Rather than buying them a few at a time and paying top dollar, it may make more sense to buy your jewelry settings wholesale from companies that cater specifically to professional jewelers. When you buy wholesale, you purchase a large quantity of an item for a reduced price.

Often, the wholesale settings you purchase will be white gold, yellow gold, or platinum for rings, but if costume jewelry is more your style, settings are also available in sterling silver, copper, and brass. Jewelry settings exist for all types of jewelry and are most commonly used for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and piercing jewelry. The settings come in different shapes and sizes in order to fit almost any adornment you can imagine.

The only problem that some small jewelry merchants have with purchasing wholesale is that, by definition, wholesale products must be bought in bulk. If your customer base hasn’t grown large enough to support the sale of all the settings you buy, you could lose money and be struck with products you can’t use.

Therefore, before buying wholesale, it’s a good idea to take an honest look at how much of your product you honestly expect to sell. If you’re not sure, buy a small supply of settings to start out with and see how the sales go. If your jewelry moves briskly on the market, a wholesale purchase of jewelry settings is probably a wise business move.

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Snap Tite Jewelry Settings

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Snap Tite settings is a beautiful and simple way to create elegant jewelry quickly. You can set any piece using any stone quickly easily. It is the perfect setting for those who are new to creating jewelry and will ensure a classically beautiful piece each time. Snap Tite settings come in gold-filled, 14k gold, and sterling silver.

The first thing you do to use a Snap Tite setting is choose the size for your stone. For example, a 5mm stone will use a 5mm setting. Next, you will place your stone to be set face-down on a soft surface. A velvet or otherwise fluffy jewelry pad will work best. Next, you will need to position the appropriate Snap Tite bezel above the stone with the prongs facing down. You will gently press the stone in the bezel at which point you will hear a snapping noise. At this point, your stone is now set.

Once you snap the stone, you will want to double check to be sure that all the prongs are fitting snuggly against your stone. The girdle is the widest part of the stone and all the prongs should be up against it. If the prongs aren’t perfect, you can use chain-nose pliers to adjust them. Gentle is the key word in this process, be sure not to use too much pressure otherwise you run the risk of damaging the stone or the setting.

The entire process takes less than ten minutes after which you will have a beautiful stone that is ready to wear. It will be durable, secure, and safe and add to the beauty of the piece.

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Jewelry Settings and Mountings

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For those people that are about embark on the journeys of buying jewelry, there are many things that they may not fully understand. The obvious concentration is generally on the stones and very little time is spent talking about the actual settings and other metal pieces. This can become a problem if there’s that one little thing you don’t like about a certain piece, but don’t know if it would be appropriate to see if they can change it. Below are some tips for finding the right piece with the right setting.

First, make sure that your setting will match your stones. If the setting is rounded then use more rounded stones so as to not disrupt the overall flow of the jewelry.

Second, there are a number of ways to mount the stones (different settings) don’t write any of them off because you don’t like the way some of them look. They all have their attributes and their downfalls and it will serve you well to look at the various styles.

Finally, if you know what you want, don’t settle for less. Every jewelry store around will have access to at least one custom jeweler. Fitting the piece that you want the way you want, while more expensive, should be a top priority for any jeweler/jewelry store.

By following these simple guidelines you will be on your way to experiencing everything that jewelry has to offer. There are many different settings and styles in every kind of jewelry available, remember to go out and enjoy the different styles. If you have a stone that you want mounted, ask the staff to see pieces like it and compare them to what you want it to look like until you find the perfect setting.

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Affordable Jewelry Settings to Impress

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Impressing a woman is not an easy task, especially if she has been conditioned to believe that jewelry she receives should be a certain way or cost a certain amount. Imagine the surprise that she will get when she is offered a gift with a custom setting that was chosen for her by the person she admires or has interest in her. The gift could be anything, a birthday gift, an anniversary present or simply a trinket of appreciation for being in their lives. This always catches a woman off guard and she will talk about it to her friends!

Women tend to want to feel special and it is important that they have something unique. Giving a custom setting jewelry piece is one of the small gifts which could bring a man and a woman closer. Better yet, when the woman expresses her love, emotion and gratefulness it will be genuine, because the man cared enough to get her something special that no one else could have. Women love to boast about their new acquisitions to other women and they love getting attention. Feed their attention by giving them a perfect piece of jewelry with a custom design.

The best places to find these special jewelry setting options are online. The Internet is an amazing place where anything is possible if you know where to look. You can even save money on the jewelry setting you choose by getting lower cost stones instead of costly diamonds. Women love their birthstones as a gift because it shows you care. The other option is to look at the jewelry they already have and find a nice option similar to those. Choosing similar color stones will help increase their collection of fine jewelry items to wear.

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Selecting Your Own Jewelry Settings Stimulates More Than Your Mood!

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There’s no need to have a special occasion to shop for jewelry for either you, a friend or a dear loved one, especially if you know you want something special! When you decide to get a new necklace with a pendant or a nice new ring, you don’t have to relay and base your decision solely on what’s offered to you by the jewelry store display cases. You also have the option of selecting your own jewelry settings, such as stone shape, the type of band, the type of pendant clap you’d like to have and much more!

Perhaps you have your eye on a silver ring with a simple peal on top. See if the jeweler will add a couple of extra bands to the ring and perhaps even add a bit more to the setting of the pearl on top. Again, you don’t have to wait for the right piece of jewelry to fall into your lap; that’s where custom jewelry settings can be a real plus for you. When you decide to purchase a customized piece of jewelry on your terms, you’re not only getting what you want when you want it, but you’re also helping to spend money in your community, which is a great idea in tough economic times.

You can even deepen your impact and make yourself happy by shopping for jewelers in your local area who are based in your town! Many self-employed jewelers have the time and price flexibility to make it happen! Buy custom set jewelry and stimulate you mood and the economy!

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How to Approach Jewelry Settings

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When it comes to jewelry, most people merely consider the gem as the main facet of the piece; but, in truth, there are several different things that you should contemplate when trying to decide upon the jewelry settings best suited to your situation. For instance, if you were purchasing a ring for that special someone, you would have to be mindful of the style and size of the band, the type of gem you will want to use, and which cut will be most appropriate to the overall look that you wanted. Remember, just because you bought the biggest diamond in the store doesn’t mean that it is going to be their favorite piece of jewelry. One must take into account every aspect of this purchase, and be sure that all the the jewelry settings are fine tuned and perfectly tailored to fit that special someone.

And since everyone has different preferences when it comes to jewelry, it isn’t the smartest idea to assume that one style is going to suit every situation. If you bought a diamond ring last time, maybe you should think along the lines of a ruby necklace, or even a pair of platinum earrings. With so many jewelry settings to choose from, there is no reason why every gift should be the same.

You are facing an opportunity to get creative, so think about the person you’re giving this special treasure to, and make sure that they cherish it as much as you cherish them.

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Learning About Options for Jewelry Settings

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There are many different jewelry settings that you will want to be able to use for anything you please. Many men like to custom pick their engagement ring setting to choose the perfect gemstone with a perfect band style. Women love to have their own custom jewelry made with jewelry settings that are very elaborate or amazingly simple. Whatever you need, plain jewelry setting or even elaborate ones, you will be able to find a great option to use with the stones you choose to customize it with. Make sure that you look in various places to ensure that you are getting the widest selection of jewelry settings available as well as the best pricing options available for plain settings made of different materials. Of course settings made with materials such as plastics or even materials that do not mix well with gemstones are available, it may be best to stick with precious metals such as silvers, gold and platinum!

You can really find a great jewelry setting available for you to customize online. It is uncommon to find jewelry settings that are only missing a few stones but are basically completed. There are plenty of ring styles of setting that do have some of the settings premade. If you purchase the materials on your own to build the ring, it may be important to remember that you should get a professional jeweler to help you put it together. Many websites allow you to build up a ring with a custom jewelry settings and gemstone selection. These great websites are designed to allow you to really customize the ring that you want and select a jewelry setting that is very popular for you to choose. Make sure that the option you choose has all of the great options you need in a custom jewelry setting.

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