Snap Tite Jewelry Settings

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Snap Tite settings is a beautiful and simple way to create elegant jewelry quickly. You can set any piece using any stone quickly easily. It is the perfect setting for those who are new to creating jewelry and will ensure a classically beautiful piece each time. Snap Tite settings come in gold-filled, 14k gold, and sterling silver.

The first thing you do to use a Snap Tite setting is choose the size for your stone. For example, a 5mm stone will use a 5mm setting. Next, you will place your stone to be set face-down on a soft surface. A velvet or otherwise fluffy jewelry pad will work best. Next, you will need to position the appropriate Snap Tite bezel above the stone with the prongs facing down. You will gently press the stone in the bezel at which point you will hear a snapping noise. At this point, your stone is now set.

Once you snap the stone, you will want to double check to be sure that all the prongs are fitting snuggly against your stone. The girdle is the widest part of the stone and all the prongs should be up against it. If the prongs aren’t perfect, you can use chain-nose pliers to adjust them. Gentle is the key word in this process, be sure not to use too much pressure otherwise you run the risk of damaging the stone or the setting.

The entire process takes less than ten minutes after which you will have a beautiful stone that is ready to wear. It will be durable, secure, and safe and add to the beauty of the piece.

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